Eastwood Dual Voltage Powder Gun Starter Kit

Eastwood Dual Voltage Powder Gun Starter Kit

Product Review (submitted on August 20, 2013):

I have been coating for some time using a Harbor Freight purchased system, I was not satisfied with the capability of coating crevices and recessed areas. So I purchased the Eastwood dual voltage system for the higher voltage setting to assist with this issue.

After using the new kit I found that the higher setting did not provide any noticeable benefit over the lower setting. The coating system performed just as well as the Harbor Freight system, but at more than double the price. I feel as if the purchase was not worth the money and I would have been better off continuing the use of my Harbor Freight system or purchasing a higher end system.

If your looking to get a powder coating system stick to the single voltage system offered by Eastwood (which my brother has and likes) here or purchase the coating system from Harbor Freight.

Also the ground strap leaves a lot to be desired. I would recommend replacing it.