Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Quart Chevrolet Orange

Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Quart Chevrolet Orange

Product Review (submitted on February 22, 2010):

I repainted the motor with it still in the car.

This paint goes on nice with no brush striokes,used disposible foam brushes.

2 coats to cover exisiting paint that would not come off motor and 3 coat on areas where paint came off the block.

I mixed paint approx 1x every 2 mins to ensure pigments stay evenly dispersed for even coating/even color .

Proper prep is key, must clean off all loose paint/rust/dirt with wire brush/scraper/etc, then use solvent or eastwood Pre Painting Prep just prior to painting to get block/motor properly cleaned.

Also need to ensure not only air temp is correct but that motor/block temp is correct prior to painting.

I had done an overall underhood resto on this car repainting/recoating the complete motor with it still in the car (not easy) fan/cleaned -polished-cleared AL fan clutch/repainted pulleys/alt brackets/alt itself /alt fan/lrg upper ac bracket/coil brakcet/coil itself/metal power brake vacuum line/cleaned-removed rust & corrossion & then hand polished polished power brake booster/wire brushed exhaust manifolds and recoated with Eastwood's grey in yellow labeled can ex man coating /choke stat cover,etc.

Came out good especially with Eastwood's new 650 deg ceramic engine paint and thier grey ex manifold paint too.