Eastwood Gel Rust Dissolver Gallon

    Eastwood Gel Rust Dissolver Gallon

    Product Review (submitted on March 16, 2010):

    I tired the rust resolver gel and it really does work.

    I was impressed with this product. Just apply it and let ist set for a few hours. It works while you are doing other things. Come back, rinse, scrape, reapply, and walk away. Once the rust is disolved you do need to clean, prep and paint the area quickly or everything will just turn rusty orange again.

    On heavier crusty rust I applied it multiple times, rinsed and scraped between apllications for best results. It did seem to weaken the old factory black engine compartment paint which started coming off when I hosed it down.

    On a surface rust spot on the body I applied it just two times. I was careful with it and it didn't affect the paint on the body.