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Eastwood Rust Treatment KIt

Item #11834Z

Bring out the "big guns" to fight against rust!


"Root-Out the Rust" Gift Pack
Rust is no friend of the professional or weekend car restorer. Bring out the big guns against rust when you give this gift pack to anyone who works on cars. Gift pack includes:
  • Chassis Kleen is an aggressive aerosol cleaner developed exclusively for chassis and suspension parts, so it's perfect for cleaning undercar areas prior to painting (#12196Z)
  • Rust Converter Aerosol halts residual rust and converts it into a black protective polymeric coating, eliminating sanding (#51483Z)
  • Internal Frame Coating converts and encapsulates the rust inside your frame, and protects against future corrosion (#12515Z)
  • Rust Encapsulator Aerosol seals and stops rust and corrosion from spreading; works over or under body fillers (#16060Z)
  • Rust Dissolver is the safer, acid-free rust remover that removes rust, not metal, leaving metal clean and ready to paint, plate or powder
  • PLUS, you'll get an Eastwood Gift Bag to pack it all in!

To clean your conical extension nozzle, remove the button and nozzle and attach to a can of Eastwood’s PRE Painting Prep (10041z or 11949z). Be sure to wear eye protection when swapping nozzles. Purge the PRE through the nozzle in short blasts until you are sure all contaminants are removed.

About Eastwood Rust Treatment KIt

Cure all of your rust problems with this kit from Eastwood. It includes Chassis Kleen, Rust Converter, Internal Frame Coating, Black Rust Encapsulator, and Rust Dissolver.


Includes: Chassis Kleen, Rust Converter, Spray Nozzle for Internal Frame Coating, Internal Frame Coating Can 14oz, Black Rust Encapsulator Aerosol, Rust Dissolver Quart.


Always wear a breathing mask and gloves when using paints or chemicals.



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