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Eastwood's All-in-One Kits

From the beginning, Eastwood has focused on making things easier and more affordable for our customers. That’s the essence of Eastwood’s many kits. Our kits take the guesswork out of ordering, and save you a few dollars to boot.

Kits have a number of features important to beginners and professionals alike. First, each Eastwood kit is assembled “in-house,” from the same high-quality products that you can re-order from us individually—there’s no special buys or “no name” merchandise in the kits – it’s all the same stuff we’ve developed a great reputation for selling. Especially if you are a beginner, this means your learning process will be quicker and more pleasant. Nothing is worse than trying to learn a new skill or technique with second-rate equipment or sub-standard consumables.

Home Powder Coating

A good example is our Elite HotCoat Powder Coating Kit. Our powder-coating experts created the kit based on their experience and what our customers have been using. It’s the best value in powder-coating! This kit has been so well thought-out, you even get a supply of stainless steel wire to hang your parts while they’re being coated and cured! That’s typical of the kind of thinking we use to assemble all our powder-coating kits

Wheel Buffing & Polishing

Our Wheel Smoothing And Buffing Kit contains all the supplies you need to dress-up four aluminum or magnesium wheels to better-than-new luster! We include specialty buffs, mandrels, compounds and complete instructions to make your project sparkle where the rubber meets the road. We provide everything but the power!

Plastic Headlight Restoration

Those sun-damaged plastic headlight covers not only look bad—they can stop 30% of the illumination from reaching the road! For safety and appearance, you’ll be glad you tried our Headlight Refinishing & Restoration Kit. It’s got a buff, a 1/4” arbor, and a tube of Autosol polish—everything you need to use with your 1800-2200-rpm electric drill to restore like-new clarity to those “unsightly” lenses.

Block Sanding Body Work

The Eastwood Block Sanding Kit is among the kits we’re most proud of, because it’s used at the heart of restoration work. And those great, ripple-free, show-quality paint jobs really start here! An assortment of flexible sanders is coupled with a supply of stick-on abrasive paper in two grits. Plus you get a can of Black Guide Coat to ensure a perfect finish.

These are just a few of the hundreds of kits available for you at Eastwood. Shop our entire selection of kits online by searching for "kits". With Eastwood kits, you’re sure to get the right tools and supplies for the job, in the right quantities, and, most importantly, at the right price. Combined with Eastwood’s 60-day money-back guarantee (one year for Eastwood-branded items), how can you go wrong?