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Eastwood Satin Full Frame and Suspension Kit

Item #12788Z Brand: Eastwood

Convert rust to a primer, encapsulate it, topcoat with Original Chassis Black


3 easy steps to restoring that old, rusty frame and suspension Here are the formulas you need to refinish that rusty full frame and suspension at a savings over individual prices.
  • Rust Converter primes the surface by turning rust into an inert iron oxide
  • Rust Encapsulator protects against further rusting
  • Topcoat with Original Chassis Black Satin to seal the metal against the elements

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About Eastwood Satin Full Frame and Suspension Kit

Here's what you need to refinish that rusty frame and suspension at a substantial savings. After cleaning away the grease, oil and loose rust, use Eastwood's three step Rust Treatment: Rust converter followed by Rust Encapsulator. Top coat with Chassis Black for increased durability. Enough product to cover 50 square feet. Kits contains one can each of Eastwood's Rust Converter Quart, three cans of Rust Encapsulator aerosol and three cans of Satin Chassis Black.


3 Cans of Satin Chassis Black Aerosol 10025z 3 Cans of Black RustEncapsulator 16060z 1 Quart of Rust Converter


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Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting. Follow label directions and consult MSDS for specific warnings


60 days


Use on suspension compnents, frames, floors and other undercar compnents

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