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SEM Coarse Gold Flakes 4 oz 6044

Item #15127 Brand: SEM

Great for customizing any paint job.


SEM Coarse Gold Flakes take you back to the old school by way of shiny, sparkly paint. Gold flakes set a standard that no other type of custom paint can ever surpass. Get your slice of that custom pie by adding these course gold flakes to your paint, clear coat or rubber dip paint for a truly custom paint job. Use a large tip on your spray gun for painting or apply the flakes to the surface of your ride.

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About SEM Coarse Gold Flakes 4 oz 6044

SEM FLAKES are precision cut chips; resin coated with light fast color pigments. Available in Gold and Silver and Coarse and fine sizes. SEM Flakes are fade and solvent resistant to provide the maximum in lasting brilliance and can be mixed with Eastwood Clears, Base Colors, Single Stage Urethane's, Candeez as well as ElastiDip and and other brands of paints.


4 ounces, net weight


Always wear eye skin and respiratory protection when painting or dispensing this product. Apply away from open flame in a well ventilated area.


The mix ratio for SEM Flakes is based on the painter's preferences. Recommended starting points: 10 grams (roughly one tablespoon) per ready to spray quart. Up to 100 grams for a heavy flake appearance.APPLICATION: Strain mixture into gun. Always spray a test panel to ensure the desired look. Lighter bases will require more material. When using gravity type guns, be sure to shake product in gun periodically to reduce settling and ensure even product distribution.

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