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Set of 3 Teardrop Mallets

Item #28122 Brand: Eastwood

3 different-sized, teardrop-shaped plastic heads for shaping metal


Set of 3 Teardrop Mallets won't mar your workpiece as you form sheet metal Eastwood's blue, ultra-high-molecular-weight plastic teardrop mallets stretch and form sheet metal without marring.
  • 2" teardrop
  • 2-1/2" teardrop
  • 2-3/4" teardrop

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About Set of 3 Teardrop Mallets

Screwed-on head secures the hickory handle within for proper fit, and allows the head top to be used for forming as well. Made in the USA.


28114 Teardrop Mallet, 2"
28115 Teardrop Mallet, 2-1/2"
28119 Teardrop Mallet, 2-3/4"

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