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    Shoot Suit Welded Stud Puller

    Item #31014 Brand: Eastwood

    Pulls-out minor dings, dents precisely; works with 2.0 to 2.6mm pins


    Shoot Suit® Stud Puller pulls-out minor dings and dents with exacting control After welding a stud onto that ding or minor dent with our stud weld gun, use the Shoot Suit® Stud Puller to pull the stud (and dent) to just the right level.
    • Use with 2.0 to 2.6mm draw pins (studs)
    • Works with any of our stud welder guns

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    About Shoot Suit Welded Stud Puller

    Use the Shoot Suit® Stud Puller with any of our Stud Welder Systems to repair minor dings and dents due to hail, shopping carts in parking lots, etc. Just weld a draw-pin (stud) to the dinged surface, attach this tool to the pin, slowly squeeze the handles and watch as the dent is easily drawn out until it's flush with the surface. Then snip-off the draw pin. About 11-3/4" long.


    31123A Stud Pins, 2.5mm; 500-pack
    31041C Stud Pins, 2.0mm; 500-pack
    Stud Welder Systems

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