Auto Additives and Chemicals

Eastwood has all the chemicals, lubricants and additives you need for your project car, your motorcycle or even your daily driver. Plus we carry nothing but the best: oils and grease from Royal Purple, additives from Lucas, sprays from CRC, preservatives from Sta-bil, motorcycle specific products from Original Bike Spirits and more. Plus our own line of specialty products for oil and fuel treatment. We've got everything you need in the additive and chemical department to strip down, rebuild, preserve and keep your car running.

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Transfer non-corrosive lubricants neatly and quickly

Only $15.99

Sale $11.68

Removes grime, grease, flux from old alternators, starters, generators

Starting at: $7.99

Prevents premature non-roller lifter deterioration

Starting at: $8.09

Evans Wareeless Coolant Conversion Kit E2197
Only $14.99
Evans Prep Fluid Gallon PF
Only $31.99
Evans HP High Performance Waterless Coolant Gallon
Only $45.52
DOT 5 Brake Fluid 12 oz 4012-6
Only $11.99
The safe way to clean sensitive electronic equipment

Starting at: $8.99

Royal Purple Transmission Max ATF Qt 12320
Only $15.99
Engine Degreaser 16oz 4644
Only $2.99
Lucas Fuel Inj/Carb Treatment 10020
Only $5.99
Keeps fuel fresh for quick, easy starts after storage or infrequent use

Starting at: $6.88

Protect your engine during storage over 30 days

Only $6.99

Sale $4.88

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