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3-stage filtering, 0.01-micron rating, for pro-quality paint finishes

Only $199.99

Sale $179.97

Our best 2-stage filter/regulator combo; 1/2" NPT; 0-160 psi gauge
Only $124.99
Compatible with Eastwood Air Management Regulators 20608, 20599
Only $10.49
4-stage system removes debris, particulates, oil and moisture
Only $449.99
1st stage removes moisture, particulates; 2nd removes oil, aerosols
Only $244.99
DeVillbiss Air Regulator With Digital Gauge 802419

Only $109.99

Sale $62.88

The AK-1R2 valve is ideal for spray guns ranging from 0-60 PSI for better air flow control.
Only $69.99
Digital accuracy for Concours and HotCoat guns; measures to 160 psi

Only $24.99

Sale $21.97

USA-made unit measures up to 125 psi; maximum flow 100 cfm
Only $49.99
For HVLP paint guns and HotCoat systems; measures 0 to 60 psi
Only $29.99
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Air Pressure Regulators and Lubricators

Proper air pressure is essential when using paint spray guns. If you want to get professional results you need to make sure your gun is getting the recommended amount of air, and you need to be able to adjust it accurately. Eastwood has big regulators that can adjust your whole air system, as well as smaller regulators to fine tune air pressures at the end of the line for sensitive HVLP paint guns.

Keeping all your air tools in perfect running order requires periodic lubrication. Add a lubricator to your air lines and your worries are over. The lubricator periodically releases a small amount of oil into the line to keep all the moving parts in your air tools oiled and working perfectly.


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