Auto Parts

Here at Eastwood we don't just sell tools, equipment and paint. We carry many auto parts you need to get your project on the road as well. Need a disc brake conversion to be safer in modern traffic? We have them. High performance full exhaust system for your classic or muscle car?



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Disc Brake Kits

Modern traffic moves faster than it did back in the day, but sometimes it doesn't move at all, and sometimes it goes from one extreme to the other quicker than 4 wheel manual drum brakes in your old car can handle. Eastwood wants you to be able to stop when the time comes, so the pretty paint job stays looking that way, and all the work that went into getting the body straight isn't wasted. We offer disc brake conversion kits for Mopar, Ford and Chevy that will go a long way toward bringing your mid-century ride up to 21st century braking performance. Plus we've got universal hard line kits perfect for replacing all the steel lines on the car, in mild steel, or stainless.


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