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Automotive How-To: Books and DVDs

Eastwood's got all the tools you need to get most restoration jobs done, but we don't stop there. We've got a large assortment of how-to topics covered in video or books to teach you to use those tools. Learn all the tricks and techniques from Ron Covelle, Kevin Tetz, Eddie Paul and other experts in their field. In no time at all you'll have a whole new understanding of paint, body work, rust repair, custom metal work, and more.

Need more how-to help than a 5 minute YouTube video? Want a more in depth source of information that Wikipedia? Need a handier reference that the search function of your favorite automotive forum? Check out the books and DVDs at Eastwood. Chances are we have a reference manual for you whether you are using a Quadrajet, or tuning EFI with your laptop. We've got engine books on everything from vintage and modern small block Chevrolets, to the old Ford FE motors. We can help with transmission and rear end topics too. And if you just want some casual reading about barn finds or show car we cover those too.

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55-minute DVD by Kevin Tetz teaches metal prep and rust repair
Only $39.99
Hammer forming Techniques
Only $39.99
Working with Steel
Only $39.99
Easy-to-follow DVD takes the mystery out of TIG welding
Only $42.79
Body panel replacement is easier thanks to Kevin Tetz's
Only $39.99
90-minute intro into the basics of painting and body work, from Kevin Tetz
Only $39.99
Kevin Tetz demonstrates color sanding, buffing, and more; 60 minutes
Only $39.99
Kevin Tetz teaches how to paint your car in this 110-minute DVD
Only $39.99
Full Bore Welding Book
Only $26.95
A how to guide for motorcycle, bicycle and other parts
Only $26.99
Paintucation 6 DVD Set

Starting at: $39.99

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