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    A hand held drill can only do so much. Eventually you need to make room in the shop and add a drill press to your arsenal. Try as you might; unless you are a robot, there are just some things that cannot be drilled without a solid work table and a securely-mounted drill head. Why are you still trying to drill holes in a round piece of pipe with a vise and hand held drill? With a drill press and a V block to hold the pipe you'd be done before you even figure out how to keep the pipe in one place without it. A drill press is going to make it much easier to put the hole exactly where you want it too, which will mean a whole new level or precision in your fabrication projects.

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    Here's how to drill thru the center of bar stock, round tubing
    Only $15.99
    Includes digital readout, laser sight, 1/2" chuck and more
    Only $289.99
    Includes digital readout, laser sight, 5/8" chuck and more
    Only $379.99
    Freestanding Drill Press includes digital readout, laser sight and more
    Only $569.99
    Mounts on drill press table to secure your workpiece
    Only $79.99
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