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    Electrical Tools

    Cutting, crimping, stripping or soldering? Eastwood has you covered. We've got soldering irons, crimping pliers, wire stripper/crimpers and more. Plus we carry handy glass and blade type fuse assortments, and shrink wrap which no shop should be without. We've got electrical inverters big enough to power your just about any RV, race trailer or toy hauler's 110v AC needs via your vehicle's standard 12V DC charging system too.

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    Power tools, a cell phone charger, cordless-tool charger, laptop <800 watts

    Only $135.99

    Sale $98.99

    Lets you work as far from an outlet as need be

    Only $19.99

    Sale $18.52

    Circuit Tester for your hybrid vehicle; 12v and 42v systems

    Only $24.99

    Sale $20.99

    Power a cell phone or cordless-tool charger, laptop, TV, radio <400 watts

    Only $59.99

    Sale $50.99

    Crimps all solderless connections and terminals, cuts 10-22 AWG wire

    Only $30.99

    Sale $21.99

    GRIP 60pc Glass Fuse Assortment 43119
    Only $9.99
    GRIP 127pc Heat Shrink Assort 43113
    Only $9.99
    Weller Universal Soldering Kit 8500PK
    Only $38.99
    S & G Tool Aid Wire Stripper F/Recessed Areas 19100
    Only $18.99
    Weller Prof Soldering Gun Kit D550PK
    Only $51.99
    GRIP 150pc Auto Fuse Assortment 16027
    Only $13.99
    9-inch Crimping Plier with Cutter has slim nose for improved accessibility

    Only $24.99

    Sale $19.99

    Save space in your tool box with this all-in-one electrical tool

    Only $12.99

    Sale $7.99

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