Brake Tools

Your brakes may not be as sexy as that big chrome and steel power plant under the hood, but they are actually more important. Having a ride that can go fast is one thing, but if you can't stop when the time comes it's not going to stay very pretty for very long. Eastwood has all you need to service brakes and keep them stopping at their best. We can help you bleed brakes fast, without the need for the neighbor kid to hold the pedal. We can help you pull off those drums that have been sitting in a field for 25 years and don't want to budge. And we can help spread pads and pull springs to take all the hassles out of the typical brake job.

Making your own custom length hard lines? Eastwood has a multitude of flaring, bending, cutting, and straightening tools to make brake line fabrication easy. Plus we have the correct brake line wrenches to keep those flair fittings from getting rounded off.

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Lisle Sneaky Pete Tool 27000
Only $9.99
Lisle Adjustable Seal Puller 56650
Only $16.99
Cal-Van Engine Cylinder Hone 360
Only $24.99
GearWrench Universal Overhead Valve Spring Compressor 2078
Only $29.99
Makes belt installation less of a hassle

Only $19.99

Sale $15.99

Magnetic end retains the plug so it doesn’t drop into the hot oil

Only $24.99

Sale $17.99

Helps you quickly diagnose internal engine problems

Only $99.99

Sale $89.99

Use this kit for complete testing on gasoline engines

Only $90.99

Sale $76.99

Includes large and small Schrader adapters

Only $63.99

Sale $49.99

Accessories let you do more with the AC Delco Inspection Camera

Only $44.99

Sale $30.99

Heavy-duty, flexible polymer construction

Only $21.99

Sale $18.99

Make fluid changes easier and cleaner

Only $19.99

Sale $16.99

For trouble-free separation of quick disconnect and spring lock couplers

Only $50.99

Sale $37.99

Lincoln Industrial Fluid Transfer Pump MV7241
Only $14.99
Lisle Master Disconnect Set 39900
Only $75.99
Electronic Specialties Automotive Test Lead Kit 143
Only $34.99
Lincoln Industrial Fluid Evacuator Plus 8.8 Liter Cap MV7201
Only $119.99
Ajax Tools Freeze Plug Drvr Installation Set A1160
Only $49.99
Innova Equus Inductive Timing LIght (DIS) 3551
Only $39.99
Innova CanOBD2 Diagnostic Tool 3100A
Only $129.99
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