Fasteners and Retainers

Even if you were to have the best hardware store in the world less than a mile from your shop, you could still waste hours on a project running out to buy the most mundane screws. And what if you need some sort of specialty automotive one time use retainer? You could literally spend all day between hardware stores, auto parts stores and dealer parts counters looking for a handful of $2 parts to finish a job.

Eastwood has a better idea. We offer assortment kits of many different mundane and specialty fasteners and retainers. They are all well organized in compartmentalized totes too, so you don't waste time looking for the right one either. And the best part? Our assortments, some with hundreds of pieces, cost a fraction of what you would pay if you bought these parts piecemeal, a few at a time, at your local store.

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Includes 140 body alignment shims in 6 different configurations
Only $29.99
Chrome Phillips and oval-head screws match your chrome trim
Only $69.99
Organize your hardware in this plastic-tray rack
Only $49.99
Organize your hardware in this plastic-tray cabinet
Only $139.99
Black Nylon Retainer Assortment 168pcs
Only $24.99
Wire Loom Routing Clip Assortment 54pcs
Only $29.99
Weatherstrip Retainer Assortment 300pcs

Only $29.99

Sale $19.88

GM and Ford Door Pin and Bushing Assortment 86pcs

Only $34.99

Sale $25.88

Domestic Vehicle Ergo Tuflok Assortment 110pcs
Only $29.99
Cowl Retainer Assortment 168pcs

Only $39.99

Sale $28.88

Crimp and Seal Wire Terminal Assortment 124pcs
Only $49.99
Vacuum Connector Assortment 113pcs

Only $31.99

Sale $23.88

Eastwood 1/4 Brake Line Mounting Hardware 10pc
Only $9.99
Eastwood 1/2 Fuel Line Mounting Hardware 10pc
Only $10.99
Includes 229 metric 10.9 hex flange bolts and nuts M6, M8, M10
Only $79.99
Includes 698 metric 8.8 cap screws, washers and nuts, M5 thru M12
Only $64.99
Includes 330 universal screw grommets in 18 diff. configurations

Only $32.99

Sale $21.88

Includes 255 Phillips trim screws in 18 different configurations
Only $29.99
Includes 192 black nylon push retainers in 12 diff. configurations
Only $24.99
Black oxide helps prevent corrosion on these Phillips and hex screws

Only $25.99

Sale $17.88

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