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Contructed with strong and durable fiberglass handles

Only $93.99

Sale $79.97

Well-balanced with comfortable cushion grips

Only $59.99

Sale $56.97

Use for chassis work or to dislodge stuck parts

Only $33.99

Sale $25.97

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Sometimes if you can't do the job with a hammer, all you really need is a bigger hammer. Some jobs you just can't do without the right hammer, like metal shaping. When you need to pull, and not push, you need a slide hammer. And when you need to hit something without marring it, or the hammer bouncing, the deadblow hammer is the way to go.

No matter what your hammering needs, Eastwood has the tools for the job. We even have all in one sets with nearly every type you'll ever need, at a savings compared to buying each one separately.


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