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Drill bits wear out, break and get lost. You can afford to have several sets as spares with these low cost, titanium coated sets by Fairmount. Eastwood also has hole saws perfect for most general fabrication needs. We even have a compact, inexpensive, lithium-ion powered cordless drill, with all the accessories you'll need for most drilling and driving tasks.

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Delivers consistent holes at a great low price
Here's how to drill thru the center of bar stock, round tubing
Just 3 bits can cut holes any size from 1/8" to 3/4" in diameter
Every home and shop needs a HSS drill bit set; 115 different sizes
Super-alloy cobalt steel cuts faster and lasts longer than HSS
Includes three 3/8"-dia. cutters, arbor, extra pilot, and case
Includes three 3/8"-dia. cutters, 2 "skip-proof" pilot bits, and case
Drill twice as many holes as you could with a single-ended cutter

Only $23.75

Sale $21.99

Unibit drill bit easily makes 1/2" holes for undercoating plugs
3 replacement cutters for Eastwood's 3/8" Premium Spot-Weld Cutter

Only $44.50

Sale $41.59

As low as: $37.43
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