When you need to get a grip, you need the right pair of pliers. Eastwood carries gripping, locking, cutting, and needle nosed pliers, as well as all sorts of specialty tools for crimping, bending, stripping and more. No matter what you need to grip, cut or crimp, we've got the pair for it. We carry our own line of quality tools, as well as Channellock, GearWrench and other top brands.

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    Easily grip, twist, shape, and snip wire with just 1 tool
    Only $29.99
    Designed to help you through specialized MIG welding tasks
    Only $13.49
    Spring-loaded to hold rings open
    Only $24.99
    Countersink dimples in sheet metal to hide countersunk rivet heads
    Only $34.99
    For "kink-free" bending of 3/16", 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" tubing
    Only $49.99
    Kastar Exhaust Hanger Pliers 436A
    Only $29.99
    6 axial pull locking pliers for clamping different types of joints
    Only $94.49
    Holds 2 panels together for spot welds; space for spot weld nozzle
    Only $26.24
    Eliminates the need to drain the cooling system before servicing

    Only $26.99

    Sale $17.99

    2 types: 30-degree-offset and 80-degree-offset Push Pin Pliers

    Only $54.99

    Sale $36.99

    2-step tip provides better support under the clip head

    Only $24.99

    Sale $16.99

    Great for cooling systems and hydraulic work in tight spots

    Only $88.99

    Sale $59.99

    Channellock 360 Welder's Pliers has groove-nose design for superior spatter removal
    Only $24.99
    Everything but the upholstery to re-do your seat covers like a pro!
    Only $49.99
    Kit helps do upholstery work in hard-to-reach areas
    Only $27.99
    Install or remove blind and side grip holders
    Only $19.99
    Spring-loaded to hold rings closed
    Only $24.99
    Wide jaws give a uniform pull on cloth, canvas or leather for a perfect fit
    Only $36.99
    Remove door interior panels without retaining clip pulling thru backing
    Only $24.99
    Makes it easy to use your MIG welder to plug small holes in metal
    Only $33.59
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