Pry Bars & Pullers

Pry Bars & Pullers

Pry Bars and Pullers

If you are still using old flat head screwdrivers instead of dedicated pry bars to pry things you are just asking for trouble, not to mention wasting your time. A dedicated pry bar will do the job much faster, no matter what it is, and the chances of it slipping or breaking are much lower. Eastwood has just the tool to pry whatever it is that needs to be pried.

Some jobs just can't be accomplished without the right puller, no matter how big your hammer or pry bar. For jobs like that, we've got bearing separators, and threaded pullers to make short work of pulleys, ball joints, bearings and more. We even have ratcheting power pullers for pulling cars onto trailers, or any other application where you may need to apply up to 4 tons of pulling force.

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  1. OTC 3 Jaw Puller Otc-1023

    OTC 3 Jaw Puller Otc-1023

    Regular Price: $58.99

    Special Price $45.69

    Easily remove gears, bearings, sprockets, pulleys and more Learn More
  2. OTC Pulling Attachment 1123

    OTC Pulling Attachment 1123

    Regular Price: $94.99

    Special Price $73.59

    Works with OTC's Grip-O-Matic® puller in tight spaces Learn More
  3. OTC Puller/Bearing Seperator 4518

    OTC Puller/Bearing Seperator 4518

    Regular Price: $132.99

    Special Price $100.99

    This combination set includes OTC's two most popular bearing splitters Learn More
  4. OTC Jimmy Bar 7168

    OTC Jimmy Bar 7168

    Regular Price: $33.99

    Special Price $26.31

    When you have to "jimmy" something open, it makes sense to use a strong Jimmy Bar Learn More
  5. OTC 3Pc Pry Bar Set 8203

    OTC 3Pc Pry Bar Set 8203

    Regular Price: $70.99

    Special Price $54.99

    Comfortable to hold, yet can still take a beating Learn More
  6. Steering Wheel Puller Set

    Eastwood Steering Wheel Puller Set


    Pull any steering wheel (with or without tilt) Learn More
  7. Eastwood 4 Piece Puller / Scraper Utility set

    Eastwood 4-Piece Puller / Scraper Utility Set

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price $15.99

    Includes gasket scraper, hose pluck, cotter pin puller and scratch awl Learn More
  8. ATD 5 Ton Bar Type Puller / Bearing Set  3056

    ATD 5 Ton Bar Type Puller / Bearing Set 3056

    Regular Price: $80.99

    Special Price $64.20

    Safely pull bearings and separate bearings Learn More

8 Item(s)

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