Air Conditioning Tools

More than any other system in the vehicle, air conditioning requires special tools to do even routine maintenance. Add in the difficulties of dealing with an invisible gas in a closed pressurized system and it’s easy to see why so many people leave AC service to the pros. But, with the proper tools from Eastwood, there is no reason to fear AC anymore. We can help you find the leak, replace the defective parts and charge the system again when the job is done. We carry all you will need for disconnecting and reconnecting specialized AC fittings, plugging lines, finding leaks, evacuating old refrigerant, and filling the system with the new.

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Service your R134a or R12 AC unit

Only $44.99

Sale $29.91

Spring-loaded, to plug disconnected fluid lines
Only $29.99
Uview Spotgun Jr & UV Phazer Black Kit 332005
Only $122.93
FJC Manifold Hose Adapter Assortment 9pcs R134A
Only $41.93
Lisle Master Disconnect Set 39900
Only $65.52
Tracer Complete LeakFinder Kit TP8621
Only $69.38
TIF AC Refrigerant Leak Detector XL 1A
Only $147.52
Mastercool Charging Adapter Repair Kit 91334 A
Only $23.93
Mastercool AC Hose Crimp Set 71550

Only $254.12

Sale $199.99

Mastercool R 12R 134a Brass Manifold Gauge Set
Only $115.43
Uview Cartridge for Spotgun Jr 399020
Only $40.43
ATD Hose Pinch Off Pliers 5465
Only $47.78
ATD 3 CFM Vacuum Pump 3453
Only $145.99
ATD R 134a 3pc Charging Hose Set 72in 3678
Only $47.36
ATD Electronic Charging Scale 3637
Only $178.94
ATD Deluxe Dual Aluminum AC Manifold Gauge Set 3695
Only $88.43
ATD Deluxe Dual Brass AC Manifold Gauge Set 3694
Only $79.99
ATD Laser Infrared Thermometer 70001
Only $46.99
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