Jacks and Lifts

    Still using a cheap generic little 2 ton floor jack for routine maintenance tasks, or worse yet the spare tire jack the factory provided? Time to upgrade. Eastwood sells floor jacks made to be used every day without complaints. These jacks are tough enough for even full sized cars and light trucks. Plus we have the heavy duty jack stands you need to stay safe. We also carry engine hoists, dollies, and accessories too.

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    Safely lift Unibody vehicles using a regular floor jack, without damage
    Only $21.99
    Slip around tire; pump lifting lever to gently squeeze and lift the tire
    Only $499.99
    Your small-block Chevy engine fits on this easy-to-roll steel cradle
    Only $45.99
    Store four 8", 12" or 16" dollies on the wall, like a stack of plates
    Only $49.99
    Sturdy, welded steel construction gives you superior safety and strength

    Only $42.99

    Sale $30.36

    Includes a service jack plus a pair of ratcheting jack stands

    Only $264.99

    Sale $156.44

    Place your project right on it: fenders, doors, body panels...

    Only $79.99

    Sale $57.27

    Supports exhaust, shocks, other components while you work under your vehicle

    Only $180.99

    Sale $124.84

    Raises corner of vehicle, without touching frame or undercarriage

    Only $171.99

    Sale $131.00

    Hydraulic Service Jack gets up to the load in one pump

    Only $299.99

    Sale $249.03

    Hard-cast steel is heat-treated in critical stress areas

    Only $109.99

    Sale $80.77

    Hard-cast steel is heat-treated in critical stress areas

    Only $70.99

    Sale $52.82

    Portable for easy use in shop or on the road

    Only $244.99

    Sale $195.42

    Move horizontally while you work up high

    Only $93.99

    Sale $69.99

    Perfect for lifting engines and moving heavy objects
    Only $249.99
    Connects to most engine hoists to easily lift engines out of vehicles
    Only $9.99
    Work on your axle project at a comfortable height
    Only $208.99
    A complete work platform for bumpers, fenders, doors...
    Only $119.99
    Just 5 pumps lifts it to maximum height

    Only $399.99

    Sale $326.51

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