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The thing that separates the shade tree mechanic from the professional building 200mph race machines, is often the degree of precision with which the job gets done. You can get along just fine with keen instinct, common sense and just an understanding of how machines work, but eventually to get to the next level you need to have accurate measurements.

No matter what aspect of an automotive project you want to measure, Eastwood has the tools for the job. We have all the typical machinist's calipers and dial indicators, paint thickness gauge, and profile tools for the body man, drum and disc brake wear measuring tools, and caster/camber gauges for chassis shops, and more.

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Central Tools Carbon Fiber Digital Caliper 3C351
Only $13.99
ATD Laser Infrared Thermometer 70001
Only $46.99
Fowler Poly-Cal Electronic 6 Inch Caliper 74-101-175
Only $19.25
Innova Digital Timing Light 3568
Only $89.99
Central Tools Mechanical Digital 0-1 inch Micrometer 3M201
Only $49.99
Improve handling, save suspension and tire wear on 13" to 18" wheels
Only $189.99
Precisely measures cylinder bore wear; 2"-6" range
Only $59.99
Takes the guesswork out of measuring sheet metal and wire

Only $19.99

Sale $14.99

Copy body curves and contours quickly and accurately; 3 sizes

Starting at: $23.49

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