Air Tools

If you don't have an air compressor, you are really missing out on a lot of labor saving tools. Nothing beats air power for jobs like loosening nuts, sanding, grinding, cutting or chiseling, and Eastwood has tools for all those jobs and more.

If you've got some of those big, rusty bolts that are typical on old car chassis, an air powered impact gun is the only way to go when the time comes to break them free. Doing body work without air powered sanding equipment means sanding most cars for days, instead of minutes. And speaking of body work, an air powered chisel will cut through the spot welds in a door skin in seconds, and air powered cut off tools can reduce a whole car to scrap in practically no time at all.

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Air Ratchet Wrenches

When you want the speed of an impact gun, but not the power or the bulk, these air powered ratchet wrenches are just the thing. They make short work of turning a bunch of nuts or bolts on or off really fast. Perfect for valve covers, rear ends, oil pans and timing covers, or anywhere really. These ratchet wrenches barely take up more room than a manual ratchet handle, but can spin 100 times faster than you'd be able to by hand. Eastwood even has a bargain priced all in one starter kit with air impact, hammer and ratchet, plus bits, sockets and accessories if you only just bought a compressor and need everything.