Air Tools

If you don't have an air compressor, you are really missing out on a lot of labor saving tools. Nothing beats air power for jobs like loosening nuts, sanding, grinding, cutting or chiseling, and Eastwood has tools for all those jobs and more.

If you've got some of those big, rusty bolts that are typical on old car chassis, an air powered impact gun is the only way to go when the time comes to break them free. Doing body work without air powered sanding equipment means sanding most cars for days, instead of minutes. And speaking of body work, an air powered chisel will cut through the spot welds in a door skin in seconds, and air powered cut off tools can reduce a whole car to scrap in practically no time at all.

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Air Impact Accessories

Plenty of people use regular sockets with air impact wrenches, but this leads to plenty of broken sockets, and sometimes rounded off fasteners.The softer nature of regular, non-impact, sockets can also mean you aren't applying all the torque your impact gun can deliver to the job. If you need every lb/ft you can muster to break free an old rusty bolt, you need proper impact sockets.

Its also a safety issue. Broken sockets can splinter and send pieces all over. Impact sockets are heavier duty, thicker cast steel, and specially alloyed metals to make them less sensitive to the sudden force an impact wrench can apply. Eastwood carries a full line of inch and metric sizes in both 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch drive, plus extensions and even impact rated universal joints.