Air Cutting Tools

Once you take the jump to having an air compressor in the shop, you'll find compressed air is better than electricity at all sorts of jobs. For abrasive cut off wheels, air power is great. With almost no effort an air powered cut off wheel will spin up to 15,000 rpm or more, and make short work of anything and everything. The reciprocating air powered pistons in shears, nibblers and saws can work the same magic in thinner sheet metal and the like.

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Low-profile cutting-head design lets you work the tool into tight areas

Only $139.99

Sale $129.99

Reciprocating pneumatic metal saw easily cuts intricate shapes, curves

Only $49.99

Sale $39.99

Works at 18,000 rpm to slice through metals, plastics, fiberglass

Only $29.99

Sale $19.99

Eastwood Air Nibbler

Starting at: $9.99

The Heavy Duty Air Nibbler from IR is perfect for cleanly cutting sheet metal
Only $182.93
Cut with ease by using the right metal cutting air tool for the job!

Only $109.99

Sale $99.99

Quickly and efficiently cut-off mufflers, tail pipes, nuts and bolts

Only $43.99

Sale $33.67

Cuts intricate shapes in all types of automotive materials

Only $155.99

Sale $99.99

Easily cuts intricate shapes and curves in automotive materials

Only $197.99

Sale $147.11

Makes clean cuts in steel without chips

Only $280.99

Sale $194.93