Air Drills

    Air drills are great because compressed air is perfect for spinning bits up to high RPMs, plus they run cooler than electric drills because of all that air flow. Nearly anything you can drill with an electric drill can be done with an air drill too. Air drills are even better for drilling a lot of holes in a short period of time, for things like pop rivets, or drilling out old spot welds. We cary drills from ATD, Ingersoll Rand and our own exclusive Eastwood line, plus all the bits you need to get drilling, and specialty bits designed just for body work.

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    Eastwood High-torque, ball-bearing motor provides smooth operation, long life.

    Only $49.99

    Sale $29.99

    The 3/8 Inch Heavy Duty Air Drill from Ingersoll Rand is the perfect tool for any project.
    Only $125.93
    The 3/8 Inch Heavy Duty Reversible Air Drill with Keyless Chuck from Ingersoll Rand is the perfect tool for any project.
    Only $163.43
    A great price on a reversible air drill with keyless chuck

    Only $95.99

    Sale $58.20

    Drill with keyless chuck pumps out 0.5-HP to handle your big jobs

    Only $391.99

    Sale $255.76

    1/2"-drive Air Drill generates 0.5-HP to handle the big jobs

    Only $254.99

    Sale $221.32

    Standard-Duty Air Angle Drill gets into hard-to-reach areas and is reversible

    Only $159.99

    Sale $104.99

    Handles your day-in day-out general-purpose drilling

    Only $260.99

    Sale $149.99

    Mini Air Drill/Driver puts performance and convenience in the palm of your hand

    Only $161.99

    Sale $127.92

    Got dozens of fasteners? This driver fastens and unfastens them fast!

    Only $197.99

    Sale $134.93

    Professional I.R. reversible air drill takes-on your toughest drilling jobs

    Only $329.99

    Sale $219.99

    Every home and shop needs a HSS drill bit set; 115 different sizes
    Only $59.99
    Super-alloy cobalt steel cuts faster and lasts longer than HSS
    Only $125.99
    Includes three 3/8"-dia. cutters, arbor, extra pilot, and case
    Only $61.79
    Includes three 3/8"-dia. cutters, 2 "skip-proof" pilot bits, and case
    Only $72.09
    Includes a 3/8"-dia. cutter and a 3/16" skip-proof pilot drill bit
    Only $36.74
    Drill twice as many holes as you could with a single-ended cutter
    Only $21.99
    3 replacement cutters for Eastwood's 3/8" Premium Spot-Weld Cutter
    Only $41.59
    Just 3 bits can cut holes any size from 1/8" to 3/4" in diameter
    Only $19.99
    Unibit drill bit easily makes 1/2" holes for undercoating plugs
    Only $26.99
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