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Ingersoll Rand's fastest 1/2 Inch Dirve Impactool™

Only $415.99

Sale $292.99

1/2" Air Impactool with 2" extended anvil generates considerable power

Only $505.99

Sale $373.99

Patented "quiet tool" technology reduces noise

Only $521.99

Sale $359.99

Generates plenty of power; 2" extended anvil

Only $505.99

Sale $361.99

Generates considerable power out of a lighter-than-you'd-expect tool

Only $499.99

Sale $353.99

Low-Profile 1/2" Impactool™ is built to work easily in tight areas

Only $466.99

Sale $346.99

Heavy-duty, but light in weight, so you can work with less fatigue

Only $295.99

Sale $209.99

1/2" Impact Wrench with enhanced Twin Hammer mechanism for more power

Only $244.99

Sale $172.99

1/2" Impactool™: small size, MAX impact for heavy-duty fastening

Only $489.99

Sale $388.99

1/2" Super-Duty Impact Wrench for heavy automotive work

Only $401.99

Sale $283.99

Powered up and priced right for general service applications

Only $178.99

Sale $126.99

Heavy-Duty 1/2" Impact Wrench with 2" extended anvil to get into tight spots

Only $305.99

Sale $246.99

IR's popular 1/2" Impact Wrench has 2" extended anvil to work into tight spots

Only $281.99

Sale $198.99

IR's popular 1/2"-drive Impact Wrench tackles the toughest jobs

Only $239.99

Sale $154.99

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