Air Impact Wrenches

Before the air impact wrench, changing a tire during a pit stop took at least a full minute. If you've seen a Nascar, F1, Indy Car or other pro race pit stop in the last 50 years, you know with the help of an impact gun those tires can come off and on in about 15 seconds. They can save you even more time in your shop, the first time you run up against a stuck nut that no amount of strength with a ratchet handle can budge. The rhythmic hammer nature of air impact guns can also break lose fasteners that make it difficult to hold the other side of, like axles and harmonic balance bolts.

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6" extended anvil increases your reach

Only $1,299.99

Sale $906.39

Butterfly-style throttle for 1-hand speed adjustment

Only $266.99

Sale $209.33

1/2" Impact Wrench with enhanced Twin Hammer mechanism for more power

Only $244.99

Sale $167.93

Ingersoll-Rand 1"-drive Pneumatic Impact Wrench built for high-volume fleet service

Only $1,290.99

Sale $1,000.11

Smaller, lighter, 3/4" Impactool™ performs like a big 3/4" impact wrench

Only $578.99

Sale $399.99

Built for high-volume fleet service; 6" anvil extension works into tight spots

Only $1,290.99

Sale $916.43

Ingersoll Rand's fastest 1/2 Inch Dirve Impactool™

Only $415.99

Sale $284.93

Low-Profile 1/2" Impactool™ is built to work easily in tight areas

Only $466.99

Sale $331.99

3/8"-drive "Mini" Impact Wrench is small enough to work where others can't

Only $203.99

Sale $157.38

Includes pistol grip and top handle for improved control

Only $1,028.99

Sale $707.93

Features Fast-torque™ to deliver 1,000 ft./lbs. of torque in 2 seconds

Only $999.99

Sale $689.93

Heavy-duty, but light in weight, so you can work with less fatigue

Only $295.99

Sale $205.43

Shortest 1" model, to get into the tightest spots

Only $904.99

Sale $623.93

Generates up to 180 ft./lbs. of torque.

Only $267.99

Sale $174.99

Works easily in tight spots

Only $456.99

Sale $314.99

Develops up to 1250 ft./lbs. of torque

Only $1,237.99

Sale $853.43

Generates 300 ft./lbs. of torque out of a lighter-than-you'd-expect tool

Only $439.99

Sale $289.99

1" Impact Wrench with 6" extended anvil works deep into hard-to-reach places

Only $899.99

Sale $626.93

IR's popular 1/2" Impact Wrench has 2" extended anvil to work into tight spots

Only $281.99

Sale $193.43

Heavy-Duty 1/2" Impact Wrench with 2" extended anvil to get into tight spots

Only $305.99

Sale $240.33

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