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Eastwood 6" DA sander produces swirl-free finishes in tight spots

Only $44.99

Sale $39.99

Jitterbug Air Sander lets you sand large workpieces without fatigue
Only $29.99
Hutchins Straight Line Air Sander 2000
Only $379.99
Adapts to everything from heavy-duty to feather finishing
Only $334.99
Hutchins Water Bug III 7544
Only $384.99
Hutchins Lite Weight Standard Random Orbital Sander 6" Air 3500
Only $289.99
Use 5"- or 6"-dia.PSA pads
Only $149.99
Use 5"- or 6"-dia. hook-and-loop pads
Only $149.99
Save over individual prices when you buy Eastwood Tool Sets
Only $109.99
Dual pistons generate up to 3000 strokes for leveling flat panels

Only $74.99

Sale $69.99

Foam pad replaces your 6" sander's worn-out, dual-action sanding pad
Only $16.49
Push the lever for feather edging, metal prep, finish work on body filler

Only $44.99

Sale $29.99

Compact air sander speeds you thru polish and buff jobs in tight spots

Only $29.99

Sale $24.99

All you need for your sanding, buffing and polishing jobs

Only $79.99

Sale $74.99

Sander is vacuum-ready, for faster clean-up, less dust in the air

Only $231.99

Sale $163.99

Sand even large workpieces without fatigue

Only $166.99

Sale $153.99

Works at 3000 SPM to smooth large surfaces fast

Only $181.99

Sale $130.99

Leaves a swirl-free finish on large flat surfaces

Only $205.99

Sale $139.99

Ingersoll-Rand 3"-dia. Mini Air Polisher works even in hard-to-reach spots

Only $185.99

Sale $151.99

Removes rust, surface deposits and welds from hard-to-reach places

Only $146.99

Sale $119.99

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