Air Sanding Tools

Nothing makes shorter work out of paint and body prep than air sanding tools. Eastwood want to make your job easier so we offer a full range of Dual Action, Random Orbital, Straight Line Sanders and more. We carry top tools from brands like Hutchins, Ingersoll Rand, and ATD, as well as our own exclusive line. If you have only sanded a car by hand in the past, you will be blown away at how easy air tools make the job.

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Eastwood 6" DA sander produces swirl-free finishes in tight spots

Only $39.99

Sale $37.99

Professional quality heavy-duty 6” Random 3/32" Orbital Air Sander
Only $119.99
Professional quality heavy-duty 6” Random 3/16" Orbital Air Sander
Only $119.99
Dynabrade Autobrade Red File II Abrasive Belt Tool
Only $299.99
Dynabrade 3/16 Dynorbital Spirit Sander Non Vacuum
Only $189.99
Air powered mini belt sander perfect for sanding in tight spots
Only $54.99
Jitterbug Air Sander lets you sand large workpieces without fatigue
Only $29.99
Hutchins Straight Line Air Sander 2000
Only $357.99
Adapts to everything from heavy-duty to feather finishing
Only $312.99
Hutchins Water Bug III 7544
Only $362.99
Hutchins Lite Weight Standard Random Orbital Sander 6" Air 3500
Only $267.99
Produces uniform grit penetration for ultra-surfacing, heavy-duty sanding
Only $362.99
Use 5"- or 6"-dia. hook-and-loop pads
Only $149.99
Dual pistons generate up to 2100 strokes for leveling flat panels

Only $74.99

Sale $69.99

Foam PSA pad replaces your 6" sander's worn-out, dual-action sanding pad
Only $19.49
Push the lever for feather edging, metal prep, finish work on body filler

Only $29.99

Sale $27.99

Compact air sander speeds you thru polish and buff jobs in tight spots
Only $24.99
All you need for your sanding, buffing and polishing jobs

Only $79.99

Sale $74.99

Delivers a smooth, swirl-free finish even in tight areas

Only $92.99

Sale $57.99

Sander is vacuum-ready, for faster clean-up, less dust in the air

Only $231.99

Sale $149.99

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