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If you've got a workshop, you are going to need shop supplies. And when you work in there you are going to consume consumables and need to re-stock. Eastwood has the supplies you need for organizing, cleaning and much more, from zip ties, and J.B. Weld, to tool box organizers and floor mats.

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Soaks up drips, spills and splatters; use on oil, gas, coolant, grease, etc.
Only $74.99
Removes tough grease, grime, even paint; made with fine-grade pumice
Only $32.99
The tools you need to repair holes in tires

Only $29.99

Sale $24.14

Pistol-Grip Grease Gun helps you work even in tight spots

Only $29.99

Sale $22.09

Top-of-the-line gun is built for heavy industrial applications

Only $29.99

Sale $21.52

For general lubrication and daily maintenance work

Only $22.99

Sale $19.14

Ventilate larger rooms or open work spaces

Only $204.99

Sale $131.00

Ventilate smaller rooms or confined work spaces

Only $112.99

Sale $73.01

The toughest Hose Nozzle you’ll ever own

Only $17.99

Sale $12.09

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