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Shrinker Stretcher
"Fabricate Your Own Patch Panels"
Create Compound Curves By Shrinking and Stretching
• Reproduce almost anything requiring the combination of a curve and an angle.
• Can produce curves as tight as 3” radius.
• Form steel up to 18 gauge, stainless steel up to 20 gauge, and aluminum up to 16 gauge.
• Each tool comes assembled and pre-drilled for bench-mounting.
Good, Better, Best SS

A hand-operated press
that multiplies your
pressure by a factor of 45, giving the hardened steel jaws tremendous force.
The Shrinker Stretcher
Set includes a shrinker
jaw, a stretcher jaw, 2 housings with handles,
and complete instructions.
Foot operated Manual
Shrinker Stretcher Stand
works with our Shrinker & Stretcher heads. Foot pedal operation allows you to keep both hands free for handling
the work piece providing
more control, less fatigue,
and faster results. 42” high integral stand with
convenient casters for
mobility in your shop.
Foot pedal allows you to effortlessly use both hands to control work piece enabling you to work faster with more accuracy. Includes a dual actuator unit with integral air cylinder, a foot pedal with 8’ hose, shrinker jaw, stretcher jaw, sturdy pedestal stand, and complete instructions.
Shrinker Stretcher Accessories & Replacement Parts:
  Variable Height Tool Stand
Strecher Replacement Jaws
Shrinker Replacement Jaws
Shrinker/Stretcher Housing w/Handle
Shrinker Stretcher Rivet
Shrinker Stretcher Pressure Arm Pin
Shrinker Stretcher Mounting Plate
Shrinker Stretcher Set