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  • 250-piece Silicone Cap & Plug Kit

    250-piece Silicone Cap & Plug Kit

    Item #58112 Brand: Eastwood

    Prevent powder build-up in critical areas--threaded holes, studs; with case


    250-Pc. Silicone Cap and Plug Kit handles high temperatures as it protects High-temperature silicone caps and plugs prevent powder from building-up in critical tolerance areas like threaded holes, studs and more.
    • Includes 125 caps and 125 plugs of different sizes
    • Reusable; cured powder just peels off

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    About 250-piece Silicone Cap & Plug Kit

    250-piece set includes several different sizes of silicone caps, cylindrical plugs and tapered plugs. They're reusable and easily cleaned by rolling between your fingers. Storage case included. Made in the USA.


    125 Silicone Caps (0.040" I.D. to 0.295" I.D.)
    125 Silicone Plugs (0.062" to 0.896" diameter)
    Storage Case


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