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Speed Blast Gravity Feed Blaster

Item #22035 Brand: Eastwood

Easily handles "spot" rust-removal
jobs...just attach a home compressor


Speed Blaster will easily handle "spot" rust-removal jobs...just attach your home compressor! The Speed Blaster is perfect for small, quick, "spot" rust removal tasks when the rusted part is too big to fit in a blast cabinet.
  • Use 60-80-grit media
  • Adjustable valve controls media flow
  • Holds 30 ozs. of abrasive
  • Requires just 10 cfm at 100 psi

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About Speed Blast Gravity Feed Blaster

Simple to use: get into the appropriate safety gear, pour media into the hopper, connect an air line, and go! Use 60-80-grit media for best results. Comes with a ceramic blasting nozzle. Media flow valve is fully adjustable to give you precise control. 1-piece ABS gun weighs just 14 ozs. empty. 1/4" NPT fitting.


Speed Blaster with instructions


22035A Replacement Nozzle
22035C Replacement Steel Insert (located directly behind the nozzle)
22035B Spot Blaster Adapter (minimizes mess)
22053 Aluminum Oxide Media, 3 lbs.


Blasting emits abrasive under pressure, so adequate respiratory, eye and body protection MUST be worn during use.

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