Eastwood Spot Weld Gun (#19089)

Spot welding has some distinct advantages. It's very fast - a few seconds for a sound weld. Because the heat is confined to a small area (the ¼" diameter electrode), it avoids warpage or distortion. It also allows for accurate control that lets you make consistently uniform welds.

Become a pro in just a few minutes. Hook the spot weld gun to the electrode holder of your arc welder (50 amp or less) and ground to car body. Just pull back the trigger to retract electrode, line up weld point, and press against the metal. Metal must be free of paint, rust, or grease. Release the trigger and allow the electrode to contact the metal and glow for one to two seconds. Then raise the electrode with the trigger and allow an arc to form a molten puddle of metal (always use welding goggles or shield). Each weld takes about 5-6 seconds.

Automotive manufacturers used spot welds to build your car and you can restore it with the same authentic technique.

It welds any steel between 18-26 gauge. (Auto body sheet metal is between 18 and 22 gauge.) Ideal for welding replacement panels, floors, bracket clips, braces, channels, etc. Welds from one side so it can even do blind panels that ordinarily can't be spot-welded. Comes with two pressure heads - four-prong for flat areas and two-prong for reaching into edges and recess work. Proper replacement electrodes available through Eastwood. The Spot Weld Gun comes complete with connection wire, spare electrode, 2 pressure heads and complete instructions. Arc welder not included.