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    Sta Bil Ethanol Treatment

    Item #Sta Bil Ethanol 14767

    Use at every fill-up to protect against Ethanol-related issues


    Sta-Bil® Ethanol Stabilizer Fuel Treatment keeps fuel injectors, carburetors and intake valves clean...use at every fill-up.

    Sta-Bil® Ethanol Stabilizer Gas Treatment protects your engine at every fill-up against the damaging effects of ethanol blends: corrosion, water, and deposit formation that robs your engine of power.

    • 10-oz. bottle treats up to 25 gallons
    • 32-oz. bottle treats up to 80 gallons
    • For all Ethanol-blended fuels, up to E-85
    • Removes water to prevent corrosion
    • Perfect for cars, trucks and small engines

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    About Sta Bil Ethanol Treatment

    Sta-Bil® Ethanol Stabilizer Fuel Treatment protects gasoline-powered equipment against Ethanol-related issues, such as corrosion, water and power-robbing deposit formation.


    For best results, the fuel tank should be filled 95% with fresh fuel. If possible, add Sta-Bil before filling the tank, to ensure mixing of the additive. Run engine for 5 minutes to ensure treated fuel makes its way to the carburetor or fuel injectors.


    Always wear skin and eye protection when using this product. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep away from open flame and spark. Seal bottle tightly when storing. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight


    Made in the USA

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