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Supercoup NR1 Nibbler Shears

Item #28191 Brand: Eastwood

Compound leverage cuts metal more easily than typical snips

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Hand Mini-Nibbler Shear cuts metal with less distortion than snips Compound leverage helps you cut metal more easily and with more accuracy than with typical snips.
  • All-steel construction
  • Hardened steel jaws
  • Cut-off anvil easily snips-off metal curl

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About Supercoup NR1 Nibbler Shears

Start in the middle of a panel with a 1/4" hole. Jaws are made from hardened steel and are replaceable in seconds. Cuts up to 22-gauge stainless, 18-gauge steel, 0.059"-thick copper and brass, 0.079" PVC, and 0.098" polycarbonate. Made in France.


28052 Die Set for Nibbler
28012A 2-Blade Set for Nibbler

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