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Q: I have the old distributor from my car and want to convert back to points from an Accel unit. I'm cautious to use it because I don't know if it's any good. What should I look for? Or should I bring it to a professional shop and have them check it out? There is only one spacer and the shaft seems to have a little up and down movement, less than 1/8", no side play, and the vacuum advance operates when I supply vacuum. All in all, to me the old unit looks and feels much sturdier and better made than the Accel unit. So the mystery: why the change? The car is driven as much as possible, and by no means is it a " Trailer Queen." I just like to keep it as original as possible, but would like to go the electronic route. I know the conversion units are much cheaper than replacing the whole distributor and would allow me to keep some originality, but are they as good?

A: Many owners have replaced points-type ignitions with aftermarket, high-energy units over the years. The chief advantage of electronic ignitions is consistency of spark, especially on cars driven infrequently. If your old distributor's shaft is tight and the vacuum advance works, go ahead and install an electronic conversion unit (Pertronix, etc.) into it.



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