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  • DeVilbiss® Tekna® ProLite Paint Gun with cup #703566

    DeVilbiss® Tekna® ProLite Paint Gun with cup #703566

    Item #14508 Brand: DeVilbiss

    High-performance, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant


    Tekna® ProLite from DeVilbiss® is one high-performance, corrosion-resistant paint gun, yet it's as lightweight as it looks...includes aluminum cup. This premium high-tech paint gun is fully protected inside and out for high corrosion resistance, making it the ideal spray gun for waterborne paints, as well as solvent-based coatings.
    • Inside passages have QuickClean™ coating for fast, easy cleaning
    • Ergonomic and lightweight (just 15 ozs.) for fatigue-free spraying
    • "No-kick" coaxial air valve helps produce smooth blends and fades

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    About DeVilbiss® Tekna® ProLite Paint Gun with cup #703566

    Tekna® ProLite Paint Gun from DeVilbiss® works with any waterborne or solvent-based paint, and performs beautifully in climates varying from hot and humid to clean and dry. Non-stick, highly durable, QuickClean™ coating provides superior corrosion-resistance on the inside passages. Includes TE10 and TE20 High-Efficiency Air Caps for base coats and high- and low-solid clearcoats; developed using advanced fluid dynamics technology for excellent atomization in varied booth environments. Also includes 900cc aluminum cup and air-adjusting valve with digital gauge.


    Tekna® ProLite Paint Gun #703566
    1 Fluid Nozzle: 1.2 mm
    1 Fluid Nozzle: 1.3 mm
    1 Fluid Nozzle: 1.4mm
    TE10 and TE20 High-Efficiency Air Caps
    900cc Aluminum Cup
    Air-Adjusting Valve With Digital Gauge
    Gun Wrench
    Color Identification Rings


    12846 Z Aerosol-Injected Cleaner
    29954 DeKups 24-oz. Starter Kit
    11456 Bandit Respirator
    13600 3/4-inch Professional Compressed Air Line Kit
    20472 Eastwood Filter Separator Regulator System
    20474 Eastwood 4-Stage Desiccant System 1/2" NPT
    51136 Eastwood-Branded Color Paint Chart
    12817 Paint Gun Accessory Kit
    12569 Eastwood Concours Master Gun Cleaning Kit


    14868- Dev Tekna Pro Lite Hvlp Air Cap & Ring Hv30
    14869- Dev Tekna Pro Lite He Cap & Ring Te10 703538
    14870- Dev Tekna Pro Lite He Cap & Ring Te20 703539
    14871- Dev Tekna Pro Fluid Tip 1.2Mm 703521
    14872- Dev Tekna Pro Fluid Tip 1.3Mm 703522
    14873- Dev Tekna Pro Fluid Tip 1.4Mm 703523
    14874- Dev Tekna Pro Lite Spray Gun Repair Kit 703536


    Always wear proper eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting. Always paint in a well-ventilated area away from open flames. Consult paint and paint gun manufacturers' instructions and warnings.


    1-year mfr's. limited warranty.

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