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The NEW Light Argent Metallic Texture Finish

At Eastwood, we like to keep our ear to the ground. We rely heavily on consumer feedback regarding what products you like and why. We listen especially close when someone asks for something we don't have, or something that doesn't yet exist, because those comments highlight a gap in the marketplace - a problem that needs a solution. Filling that need addresses a key component of our mission at Eastwood: We want your restoration experience to be more fun with less hassle, while making the end result superior.

Our new Light Argent Metallic Texture Finish is an example. Joe Richardson, Eastwood Product Development Engineer said that, "In the late '60s through the early '70s, Chrysler used this finish in a variety of ways. It turned up on wheels, taillight and headlight surrounds and grilles. We've been aware for a little while now that the original product is unobtainable, and the number of customer requests and inquiries we've been getting, over the phone, at shows and so forth, has continued to climb."

As a result, Eastwood decided to develop a replacement finish that improved upon the original Chrysler product. What we came up with has a number of advantages over the original, while still maintaining that OEM factory appearance. Significantly, our replacement version is available in aerosol cans, which means no mixing, no spray gun, no trial-and-error, and no wasted product.

Eastwood Product Specialist passes along these tips for success when using the new Light Argent Texture Finish: "The product is designed to be applied at much greater distances than you would normally use with spray cans. I get great results when I hold the can about a foot and a half to two feet away from what I'm coating. Because of the distance, multiple coats are needed. The product goes on almost dry, but I wait until it is completely dry and then apply a clear gloss overcoat to fix it in place."

Since its introduction, we've found that you don t have to be a "Mopar* Maniac" to benefit from the great look of this product. There's probably a place in your restoration job for a touch of this stuff—and sometimes just a little bit of something extra is what puts appearances over the top.
(MOPAR is a registered trademark of Daimler Chrysler Motors Company.)

12717Z Light Argent Metallic Texture Finish - Currently Unavailable