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STEP 1: Get familiar with the Thermo-Coustic Barrier product below.
Banish road noise, floor pan vibration and exhaust heat from your ride! Our Thermo-Coustic Barrier conforms easily to interior and door panels (a hi-tack adhesive lets you install them securely – even up underneath a trunk lid). The sound deadening sheets are designed with a .060" thick layer of butyl rubber material, bonded to a high-performance aluminum facing, for an overall thickness of 0.063". Along with a significant reduction in road noise and driveline vibration, the sheets help keep heat from penetrating your vehicle's interior. In testing, we found that performance is equivalent to that of the expensive major brand. Kit includes 36 sq. ft – enough material to insulate the most critical portions of your car's interior and door panels. BUY NOW >

STEP 2: Come up with your top 2 or 3 creative uses for Thermo-Coustic. Make them as funny and clever as you'd like—just keep 'em clean!
STEP 3: Fill out the form below and submit by Nov. 19th. Winner will be announced Nov. 30th.
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