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    Tubing Bender Rolling

    Item #49041 Brand: Eastwood

    Rolling-cam bender bends and forms
    in one smooth motion, distortion-free


    Rolling-Cam Tubing Bender bends and forms in one smooth motion, distortion-free Use this tool to form tight bends in brake and fuel lines without kinking or flattening, or harming protective coatings.
    • For 3/16"- and 1/4"-O.D. coated tubing
    • Minimizes stretching and distortion
    • Create bends as tight as 1" in radius

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    About Tubing Bender Rolling

    Rolling-Cam Tubing Bender utilizes a free-rolling follower cam to minimize stretching and distortion when bending tubing. This produces uniform, tight, 180-degree bends down to a 1" radius. Will not harm protective surface coatings on fuel and brake lines. Comes apart for easy placement over long pieces of tubing. For bench use, a tab is provided on the lower handle.


    Rolling-Cam Tubing Bender


    49053 Brake Line Tubing, 25' long, 3/16" O.D.

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