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USA Bright White ebay kit

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USA Bright White ebay kit


USA Bright White ebay kit

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About USA Bright White ebay kit

Eastwood's innovative Low VOC Urethane Basecoat Clear Coat Paint System combines the ease of use of conventional basecoats with the superior durability and unmatched performance of more modern urethanes. And because it's a Low VOC system, it meets regulatory limits in highly-regulated areas, eliminating the need to switch to a waterborne system. This kit includes 1 gallon of basecoat, 1 gallon of clearcoat, and 2 quarts of medium speed activator.


Includes: 1 Gallon EW Basecoat, 1 Gallon EW Low VOC Hi Solids Clear, 2 Quarts Medium Activator, Tech Data Sheet


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Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Always paint in a well Consult MSDS and Tech Data sheets for proper safety precautions and usage.


Made in USA. 1 Year Warranty. NSN# N/A


Prep surface and remove all traces of contaminants. Use Eastwood's PRE Prep. Sand existing finish with 400-600 grit abrasive. Reclean surface. Mix 4:1 with appropriate speed activator. Reduction not necessary. Shake Well. HVLP Gun Nozzle Size 1.2mm-1.4mm. Apply in 2 medium wet coats with 50% over lap. Allow 10 minutes flash time between each coat. Clear coat can be applied after 20-30 minutes. Maximum recoat time is 18 hours. Otherwise surface must be abraded with 400-600 grit. Pot life is about 2 hours at 70³F