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USC Duraglas Gallon

Item #50756ZP Brand: US Chemical

Fiberglass filler creates strong,
waterproof repairs for auto, marine


USC Duraglas® Fiberglass Filler creates strong, waterproof repairs of metal and fiberglass Make rust repairs; repair cracks and holes in fiberglass; use on weld areas and bond seams for automotive and marine.
  • Ideal for use on metal and fiberglass vehicle panels
  • Waterproof
  • Rustproof

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About USC Duraglas Gallon

USC's best selling short strand fiberglass body filler. Reinforced with short strand fiberglass for superior strength and durability. Ideal for rusted out holes, tears and cracks in metal or fiberglass substrates. Use in combination with fiberglass cloth for larger repairs. Rustproof and waterproof. One gallon includes 4oz cream hardener. Made in USA


1 gallon of USC Duraglas® Fiberglass Filler
4-oz. Cream Hardener