Welding Clamps

The proper welding supplies are critical to helping you do your welding jobs easily, accurately and efficiently, so Eastwood's got a whole bunch of them! Among the welding tools you'll find here are welding clamps of different types, welding tables, welder's pliers, and more welding shop tools. Our Panel Holding System holds 2 panels together while you rivet or weld, and our 4-Pc. Intergrip Welding Clamp Set easily aligns and grips panels for precise butt welds. Other welding tools you'll find include our Magnetic Copper Backer Set for hands-free support for butt-welding or welding holes. Browse all these pages for our entire welding tool selection!

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Easiest way to weld-shut up to a 1" hole in the middle of a panel

Only $41.58

Sale $39.99

Round fixture kit

Only $216.31

Sale $207.99

Also includes Mag Spring Clamp: the ideal 3rd hand!
Only $149.99
6pc clamp kit for #14106 welding table
Only $70.96
3 Axis Welding Clamp
Only $227.13
Square fixture kit

Only $216.31

Sale $207.99

For fixturing and securing flat plates, rect. and square tubing, components.
Only $449.99
Lisle Magnetic Soldering Clamp 55000
Only $14.99
Secures panels, pipes, parts in place during welding, soldering, assembly
Only $13.49
Chip welding debris in either large or tight spaces
Only $6.47
Medium pro-grade welding gloves, MIG pliers, 4 Intergrip panel clamps
Only $54.58
Makes it easy to use your MIG welder to plug small holes in metal

Only $36.28

Sale $27.89

Hold your work for perfect 90┬░ miter and T joints every time
Only $59.99
Now you can spot weld with your MIG welder
Only $56.63
2 copper rectangles, plus a triangle that can be bent to body contours
Only $44.28
Industrial quality bench mounted 6 inch vise at a DIY user friendly price
Only $109.99
Now spot-weld with your Eastwood welder or Tweco®-style MIG torch

Starting at: $7.76

Create flush and full penetration butt welds without fear of burn-thru

Only $43.09

Sale $40.27

Hands-free panel-holding; ideal for edge work
Only $22.99
Put your welder on top, plasma cutter on the bottom, tools in the middle
Only $99.99
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