Mallets and Sandbags

In automotive refinishing and auto body work, you often have to give your workpiece a good bang or two. But since you can't afford to damage it, there's nothing better (or safer) to use than these no-mar mallets from Eastwood. They're not rubber mallets — they're really ultra-high-molecular-weight plastic mallets that do the same job as rubber mallets, and won't mar your workpiece as they help you stretch and form metal. These metal-forming tools come in 3 sizes of round mallets and 3 sizes of teardrop-shaped mallets, all with strong hickory handles, making these shop tools any pro or DIYer would love to own.

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3 different-sized, round plastic heads for shaping, forming metal
Only $69.99
Won't mar your workpiece as you shape and form sheet metal
Only $139.99
3 different-sized, teardrop-shaped plastic heads for shaping metal
Only $79.99
Provides support and flexibility for panel beating, metal shaping
Only $41.99
Support and flexibility for panel-beating and metal-shaping ...with mallet
Only $64.99
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