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Sheet Metal Brakes

Metal fabrication often calls for bending sheet metal at various angles. Our sheet metal brakes make that metal-forming job so much easier and precise. These professional and DIY metalworking tools can work in a variety of widths, depending on the size of your workpiece. Some of our sheet metal brakes handle precision metal-forming projects up to 30" wide, so you can create floor-reinforcement channels and ribs, sections of corrugated pickup bed floors, truck bedside panels, inner fender structures and more in aluminum or steel. Our Slip-Roll creates bends, cones and cylinders, and our Straight Seaming Pliers can be used as a hand-held bending brake to shape patch panels on-site.

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Handle all sorts of precision metalworking projects with this versatile brake

Only $179.99

Sale $149.99

12 Inch Slip Roll will handle your rolling needs up to 18 gauge steel.

Only $179.99

Sale $169.99

Eastwood 24 Inch Slip Roll

Only $299.99

Sale $289.99

Versa Bend Forming Brake Option for 14042
Only $49.99
Industrial style tool capable of generating a powerful 2-1/2 tons of pressing force
Only $99.99
Fabricate aluminum or steel patch panels up to 18" wide
Only $39.99
Bend 18-ga. mild steel to form box and pan shapes, bends, creases
Only $99.99
Use as a hand-held bending brake to shape patch panels on site
Only $29.15
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