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10" blade cuts steel and aluminum...has built-in coolant system
Only $1,795.99
Operates in both a horizontal and vertical position
Only $349.99
A must for cutting tubing, flat stock, round stock, angle iron easily and accurately when fabricating

Only $279.99

Sale $239.99

You won't have to plasma-cut with your work piece on a concrete floor
Only $169.99
Quick, clean cuts in metal: straight, curved or more intricate

Only $179.99

Sale $159.99

Throatless Rotary Shear
Only $149.99
Cut perfectly straight lines in up to 3/16" thick metal

Only $119.99

Sale $116.99

Eastwood Punch and Flaring Dies

Starting at: $89.99

Punch and Bead Dies

Starting at: $89.99

Heavy-duty professional quality metal shear

Only $54.99

Sale $49.99

Make clean, burr-free cuts in aluminum, steel and other mild metals
Only $49.99
Replacement blades for old Throatless Shear without the safety pin 11797
Only $49.99
Rotating jaws slices easily thru steel up to 18-gauge thick

Only $49.99

Sale $44.99

Bore up to a 2" hole in mild steel, stainless, alum. tubing; incl. hole saws

Starting at: $39.99

Compound leverage cuts metal more easily than typical snips

Only $49.99

Sale $37.99

Eastwood Metal Hand Punch
Only $34.99
Heavy-duty pneumatic shears make clean cuts in metal up to 18-gauge

Only $39.99

Sale $34.99

17 pc heavy duty hole punch

Only $34.99

Sale $31.99

Cut through straps, hangers, exhaust systems and sheet metal

Only $29.99

Sale $24.99

Replacement blades for Shears 13475 ensure a great cut
Only $21.99
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Metal Cutting

Before you can start welding you are typically going to need to cut and shape the metal to be welded. For light gauge sheet metal body work that's going to mean tin snips. For heavier sheet you likely want shears, pneumatic or electrically powered or at the very least our compound leverage nibbler. For structural steel tube Eastwood's got a 10" miter chop saw that makes chassis fabrication a breeze. For really tough jobs nothing can cut thru like the power of an oxy-acetylene torch. We even have a hole punch that can accurately produce holes in metal up to 16 gauge with just leverage.

Aviation Snips, usually called Tin Snips are must have tools for body work, and rust repairs . Tin Snips allow you to make clean straight or curved cuts in sheet metal. Whether you are fabricating a patch panel or trimming the panels already on the car, good quality snips make it easy. We offers a wide selection of Wiss Aviation Snips and Eastwood Tin Snips to handle all of your fabrication needs.


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